Is Your Website Working as Hard as You Are?


Your website should be the hardest worker at your disposal. It doesn’t need sleep (or coffee ☕️ for that matter), and it should always be ready to turn a complete stranger into your best customer. Taking the time to properly design and setup your website will ensure that it is always working as hard as you are.

Prospective wedding couples and other customers are turning to search engines for any and all information they can find about your wedding company. Whether they find you on a Google search, WeddingWire, or the Knot, if your website isn’t set up to convert this traffic into actual inquiries, you’re missing out on monetizing your marketing.

And your website is much more than an online profile for your business. Think of it more as your very own, 24-hour salesperson who is going to speak to every person who visits your business online. Many times it’s the first interaction a customer will have with your business, and you’ll want to make a good first impression.

We’ve listed ten essentials for your website to turn site visitors into paying customers. If your website:

  • Is not mobile friendly, 80% of visitors will leave your site due to a bad experience. Even if your site was recently designed, it can still not be mobile friendly. Do a thorough examination of your site.

  • Looks outdated, young brides and other visitors expecting a modern site will be discouraged to contact you.

  • Has an image slider at the very top of your homepage with no call to action or description of your company, someone is 50% more likely to leave.

  • Does not have your phone number, location, email, and your service at the very top of your page, you are not giving someone the information that they need to decide if they want to continue looking at your site.

  • Does not have call to actions in almost every single section– your phone number, contact form, email, Skype, etc. – Not putting your calls to action everywhere, with easy ways to actually contact you – someone is less likely to contact you.

  • Has imagery that is blurry or unattractive, it will not inspire someone to contact you.

  • Copy/descriptions that are not easy to read. As a general rule, write your website copy at the level of an 8th grader. This may sound silly, but you want short, concise, and easy to read sentences.

  • Does not have descriptive keywords, title, and meta descriptions – someone is less likely to find your local wedding business.

  • Has not been “Alanyzed” by Alan Berg, the leading industry expert on the business of weddings, your website is most likely missing very important key elements that help someone go from a site visitor to a paying customer.

    In addition to this list, there are plenty of other reasons that a person may leave your site. So this leads back to the original question – is your website working as hard as you are? If the answer is no, we can help you.

My team can design an industry-focused website that includes all of these “must-haves” and more within 3 weeks and at a very affordable investment. Because we focus solely on the wedding industry and have a combined 20+ years of experience, our process is streamlined to cause little interruption to your business. Not only do you get my industry expertise to design the site but you get Alan Berg to perfect it before getting your approval to go live.

Care to see some of our work? Visit our portfolio here.


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