Stop Getting Led Down The Wrong Path To Wedding Lead Generation

Bridal shows are an essential marketing component to our industry and are the biggest hope of getting a mass of wedding couples to meet you in person. But sometimes, the end result of the vendor experience may not always meet expectations.

Here are some obstacles that wedding businesses need to understand when exhibiting:

  1. Wedding couples experience sensory overload. Every couple:
    a. sees countless vendors
    b. engages in many brief conversations
    c. has a huge bag full of literature to look through

which equates to a low retention rate of couples who will contact your company.

2. Wedding couples attend shows at all different stages of their wedding planning. Unless the timing of your product or service coincides with their planning, there is little chance that you will be contacted, leaving the couple to their own devices. Consistent follow-up is required.

3. When you do follow up, it is best to follow up with leads that visited your booth. Collect their contact information and get details on their wedding because it makes your communication more personalized. However, those efforts are very diluted when couples are simultaneously getting bombarded with follow up communications from many other vendors.

It’s no secret that most brides do all of their vendor research online. They will vet you online before they ever contact you or meet you face-to-face. That’s why the best opportunity for peripheral vendors is to create a promotional marketing strategy. Find online marketing channels that have the attention of the wedding couple. Many of these websites allow you to advertise promotional strategies to help you generate leads that are specifically interested in your products and services.

Sometimes it is the allure of a contest or giveaway that can attract the attention of the wedding couple to become acquainted with the uniqueness of your services. It helps create the possibility that if they don’t win the drawing, you can now marketing to them already having a familiarity with your company.

And once you’ve captured those leads, the best possibly way to turn those leads into customers is to use remarketing strategies that are available to you. One of the most important strategies is Facebook Remarketing. This allows you to track site visitors and deliver ads to them. Remarketing works, and that’s why companies like Amazon use it every day.

Every wedding business would love to have as many leads as possible, but It is better to market to 1000 leads 5 times rather than 5000 leads one time, especially when it is a lead that already visited your site and showed interest.

And don’t forget: your website is your 24/7 salesperson and will either help you win or lose a potential customer. If your website looks outdated or is not mobile friendly, changing your design can be the difference in helping any and all of your marketing endeavors succeed.

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