Is Google Listing Your Business As Temporarily Closed?

Google has deemed some of your businesses as non-essential and changed your status to “Temporarily Closed,” without telling you on your Google Business Profile. While it may be true that you are closed for events, you are certainly not closed to talk to potential clients and service your current clients.

Google Maps business temporarily closed

The good news is that it is a very easy fix.

    1. Get into your Google Business Profile by logging on to
    2. In the control panel select info Google My Business control panel
    3. You will see where your business is marked temporarily closed and a place to change it to “open”. In this case, my business is open and I can close it but if your business is closed, you will be able to open it. mark business as temporarily closed
    4. Save the change.
    5. If you do not have access to your Google Business Profile you can also try to get the business marked open by suggesting an edit. Just search for your profile and google and click suggest an edit and tell Google you are open. Also, have a few other people do the same thing. google my business profile maps

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