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You’re ready for SEO that draws in potential clients and a website that proves to them you’re going to give them the positive and unique experience they’re craving. A site that puts your best face forward. But most importantly, one that helps you get to the next level of your business potential. After your new website goes live, you’ll start receiving higher quality leads from clients that contact you with more positive anticipation, with more of a built-in trust of your reputation, professionalism and not questioning your value.

“Can’t say enough about how great it is to have Brian and his staff to work with!” – Eric Robson, Alaska Professional Entertainment

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Transparent SEO Services

I’ve seen too many DJ business owners find themselves trusting generic SEO companies who may seem to do a good job but so often are not. Being on the first page of Google can be meaningless if you’re not gaining business because you’re ranking for terms that have little or no search volume. I value transparency and provide all my clients with an educational approach so they can understand the steps I’m implementing and get guidance on things to do themselves to save money and get results. If you would like a free custom report and a 30-minute initial consultation, click the button below to get started.

 A DJ Website Designer with Unparalleled Industry Expertise

Working with generic local website designers can mean a much greater time investment than you originally bargained for, since those new to the industry will first need to learn more about your business to be able to be effective. We have an extensive background in the events industry, including working with countless DJ companies across the country. Our team understands the unique aspects that are so key to properly showcasing all the talent, energy, capabilities, knowledge and skill you have to offer to create unforgettable celebrations for your clients.

Having insight from trusted industry experts from the very beginning means you can be left to run your entertainment business without needing to constantly intervene during the website building process. We’ll make it a smooth experience for you as we create a site that captures the attention of wedding couples while displaying the unbeatable entertainment offerings you can provide for them.

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Would you like a free 30-minute analysis of your DJ website?

There has never been a better time to improve your website and revamp your SEO strategies. COVID-19 engagement and wedding postponements mean that wedding businesses are booked up and there is a big vendor shortage that the industry hasn’t seen ever before. If you still have 2022/23 bookings available, now is the perfect opportunity to get new leads and successfully grow your business with customized web design, SEO and consulting services. Schedule a free consultation for actionable tips and to see how my full spectrum of expertise can serve you during this exciting time.

DJ Web Design Portfolio

We have an expansive portfolio of wedding DJ websites, giving us the ability to showcase all the talent, technology, planning capabilities and entertainment options you have to offer to give the stars of the show and their guests an incredible night no one will be able to forget.

“Brian and the team eliminated customer confusion and overwhelming information. Now we are experiencing more contact with clients and overall a better experience! He also worked diligently on our SEO. Now we are listed at the very top of Google listings thanks to him!” – Jim Collins, Collins Entertainment

“I hired Brian Lawrence and his team to do a complete redo of my website and they nailed it. Brian is extremely knowledgeable in building a solid website and keeps up with the latest SEO trends which is crucial to getting leads to your site. From the beginning I knew that I had hired the right company. I highly recommend this company if you’re looking for the best.” – George Wainwright, Coastal DJ & Video

Recommended by Joe Bunn & The DJ’s Vault

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Recommended by Alan Berg

Building a site with local website designers or SEO marketers?
Get a trusted industry expert in your corner

-We can even help you work with your existing designer-

The wedding industry is much more of an art than a science. You need a veteran of the events industry who knows how wedding couples think on your side to ensure that all the right selling points of your entertainment services will be identified and featured. With my customized wedding business consulting services, I can advise you on the steps you and your local website designer should take for greater success with tailored SEO strategies, years of industry-specific web design expertise and a thoughtful approach.

I have worked with hundreds of wedding businesses to give them advice they can use to strengthen their existing website. These suggestions are often quick, easy-to-implement fixes that can make a surprising difference to your venue’s website, including with SEO to rank on Google. Remember, if potential customers visit your site and it doesn’t resonate with them, they won’t call to tell you. After our consultation, you’ll wish you did it sooner.

“Brian is a true professional with a deep knowledge of marketing as it pertains to the wedding industry. He has a real feel for the expectations & “voice’ of those navigating the daunting task of planning a wedding. When I was planning to upgrade the website for my catering establishment I engaged a web designer & also brought Brian on as part of the team. He collaborated seamlessly with the other professionals & brought an insight & perspective that truly captured the message & tone we were trying to convey to our clientele. He brought a common sense approach that resonated with my brides & grooms.” – George Russo, Villa Russo

Your Team of Trusted Experts

Two sets of Wedding Industry experts eyes to help with the direction, content, navigation and optimizing the conversion strategies.

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Brian Lawrence

Brian Lawrence grew up in catering, has lived and breathed the wedding industry his entire career, owning multiple stores that provided one stop shopping (including a DJ company) and was VP of a leading wholesale wedding invitation brand. He is an accomplished author and speaker and has been involved in hundreds of wedding industry websites since he founded his marketing and design company in 2008.

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Alan Berg

With more than 25 years in the industry, Alan Berg is the leading international speaker and educator in the business of weddings in his role with WeddingWire and his extensive schedule of speaking and training throughout the world. He is the author of “If Your Website Is An Employee Would You Fire It”. In addition to speaking, he is hired regularly to review websites and improve them in every wedding vendor category.

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