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Websites are not a “one and done” effort. If you’re not as invested in the maintenance of your website as you are when we build it, you are likely undoing a lot of the hard work that went into it. What’s worse, you and your host might not even realize it. Here’s what you need to know about website maintenance, including why you need it and what we include in an effective plan, especially tailored for you.

What is a Healthy Website Plan?

A Healthy Website Plan refers to website maintenance. It is the continuous upkeep and support for your website. All of the tasks required to keep your website up-to-date and optimally functioning, from content updates to security measures, fall under the umbrella of website maintenance.

Website maintenance is an ongoing process and should be conducted at least four times a year. Because of the sheer volume of tasks involved, we usually split tasks into a few assignments performed every month, with some performed weekly.

Just like cars, websites need to be regularly checked and updated to ensure you get the most on your initial investment. Technology is constantly changing and improving, and so must your website in order to comply with updates to WordPress, multiple plugins, browser updates, and Google’s evolving algorithms.

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Your Marketing Advantage

Additionally, through a monthly plan, your business and website will be top of mind for our team. As marketing and design and SEO experts in the event industry, we can bring opportunities to your attention which can have a very positive impact on obtaining quality leads and converting those leads into customers. We will be in a position to make recommendations and help you take advantage of opportunities throughout the year in the context of your marketing strategy. You actually gain our wisdom obtained from dozens of companies similar to yours. As we see exciting things that work for our other clients, we will bring these to your attention. Business is not stagnant, so your website shouldn’t be either.

Finally, (and this is so important), since we designed your website with you, we have the unique knowledge of how it’s supposed to function and what it’s supposed to look like, something that may not be easily evident to your Website Host, or even to you – even if you had the time and discipline to keep a steady eye on the site.

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Some of the specific reasons you should have a Healthy Website Maintenance Plan:

  • 1

    Keeping your website secure

    Maintaining your website’s security is one of the most critical reasons to have a website maintenance plan. It takes a significant amount of time and money for companies to clean up security messes that go ignored, not to mention re-establish trust with their prospects and customers.

  • 2

    Maintaining a good user experience

    The experience your customers have when they visit your website is crucial to your business, and keeping a clean, well-running site will have a positive impact.

    A bad experience will drive your potential customers away. Think about your own time online. If a web page takes forever to load, there are multiple broken links, and you have difficulty finding the page or information you want, how will you view that business?

    Probably not favorably.

    But on the other hand, you’ll be more likely to return to a website that’s easy to use and visually appealing. Performing regular maintenance can ensure that your users will have a positive experience on your website. You can eliminate many of their common frustrations and make browsing easy!

  • 3

    Impacting search engine performance

    Customers are not the only visitors to worry about on your website.

    Web crawlers for popular search engines like Google regularly analyze websites for their overall experience. They will either promote or bury you in search results based on what they find.

    Ranking is vital to driving traffic to your website, so don’t ignore SEO maintenance. Over time, old websites become slow, unsafe, and full of outdated information, which then leads to poor rankings.

    Higher bounce rates, technical issues like slow download speeds, and broken links all affect SEO—these issues all flag to search engines that your webpage will not fulfill search intent. Regular maintenance will help ensure that you don’t have the common issues that can hurt your search engine rankings.

  • 4

    Boosting your sales

    A website that is not functioning properly may actively hurt your brand and reputation.

    Customers, especially those who are planning a wedding where everything needs to be extraordinary and proceed without a hitch, may be wary of buying from you, for example, if your website looks unprofessional. It can have a direct impact on your credibility, trust, and attention to detail. Couples in particular may want to share your website to get validation from close friends and agreement from parents who may be helping to finance a wedding. You want to minimize the risk of a bad impression.

    Also, customers won’t stick around for a slow website. The first 5 seconds of page-load time have the highest impact on conversion rates. However, regular maintenance will keep your website fast and your brand reputation intact. These all mean better leads from your website.

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Website Maintenance Schedule

Keeping to a regular maintenance schedule ensures that your website continues to perform optimally and that any issues are resolved before it begins to affect users and sales.

Weekly Website Maintenance Tasks

Weekly tasks include:

  • Monitoring for 404 errors (page not found).
  • Updating any core plugins and website software.
  • Content refresh.

  • Ensuring all pages load without errors.
  • Running a broken link checker to ensure there are no broken links.
  • Running a website backup to store previous versions of your site.

Monthly Website Maintenance Tasks

Monthly tasks include:

  • Performing a website speed test to ensure web pages are under three seconds to load.
  • Running and reviewing website security scans to make sure there are no issues.
  • Checking analytics and site statistics.

Annual Website Maintenance Tasks

Yearly tasks include:

  • Updating all references to the current year and years in business.
  • Updating badges for 3rd parties such as The Knot & Wedding Wire
  • Checking all content for accuracy.
  • Ensuring the website is mobile friendly.

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