Pricing to integrate our ADA Compliance platform with your website

Pricing to integrate our accessibility platform with your website

Your Investment

New clients


for the first year

Includes installation, updates, and guidance on how to promote your inclusivity and the accessibility feature. Be proactive now and prevent future costs trying to keep up with continuing new requirements.
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Already an existing client? Contact us today for information on integrating the platform for websites we designed or providing ongoing SEO services for.

*Pricing includes up to 1000 pages, which includes the vast majority of businesses. Larger sites will be subject to additional costs that will be quoted on a per case basis. Yearly or monthly payment options are available after year one.

Why should your website be more accessible?

  • Extend your client reach inside the market by making your brand more accessible.
  • Win over couples who will appreciate creating a better experience for them on your website.
  • Avoid missing out on your ideal client – People with disabilities represent over $6 Trillion in the industry.
  • Reduce the risk of lawsuits (often filed by litigious attorneys) by complying with accessibility legislation.
  • Boost brand perception by showing that accessibility is important to you will enhance your reputation.
  • Improve your SEO rankings by providing a better user experience, increasing the time spent on your website and conversion rates.
A screenshot of the accessibility adjustments screen for a wedding business website.