A Consulting/Coaching Experience Combining Business and Personal Growth

If you’ve looked through my website, you will clearly see there are many ways I can lend my expertise and experience to help you grow your wedding business. I have done that for many clients, In addition, if you have a desire to be empowered with tools that can elevate your motivation, passion, enthusiasm and focus that will improve the way you do business on a daily basis, then you may want to consider hiring me as your coach. We will also work on developing a clear mindfulness about the big picture.

I have walked the walk.

In addition to my long resume of wedding industry experience and accomplishments, my personal journey has been one of learning and applying practices for continued well-being and self-improvement. I have also spoken and written on those subjects as well.

brian lawrence and pastry client in the kitchen

Gain the internal empowerment to grow your business

• Balance your personal, family and business life
• Tools to help you maintain a positive attitude and monitor business stress and anxiety
• Overcome fears or not feeling worthy of success
• Stop feeling overwhelmed
• Avoid and recover from burnout
• Harness the creativity inside you to develop new business strategies and build your personal brand
• Enhance your rapport-building and relationship marketing skills
• Share ideas and products related to diet, focus and well-being

I will be a source of ongoing inspiration for you and also let you learn from my mistakes. I am a great listener, intuitive and emotionally intelligent.

Try out a 2-hour meeting for only $199. We’ll cover a lot of ground including some insights about your website and marketing along with areas you would like to work on. Schedule a time here.

Please read the client feedback below. I know it will help you better understand the amazing potential we have working together.

photo brian lawence and susan


“Brian has so many admirable human qualities…he truly cares about not only his customers, but humans in general. If more people spent as much time as Brian does trying to find ways to help business people be more successful the world would be a better place for all of us trying to make our way as entrepreneurs. Our business is in a better place because of our contact with Brian Lawrence.”

-Gayle O’Donnell Paper Passionista

“Brian Lawrence is the most amazing combination of knowledge and compassion I have ever met in the wedding industry.  Brian is a rare combination of someone with the knowledge of retail store operation, having done so himself in multiple forms, along with the ability to help others do the same, by writing and speaking of his experience and sharing his knowledge.”

– Denise K. Smith, Owner, Cake Designer, My Daughter’s Cakes, LLC

“Brian’s willingness to listen, ask hard questions and challenge me has enabled me to step out with confidence and take myself and this company to levels I never thought possible.  I always take a while to process and he was patient while I got to where he already was. He is not only incredibly knowledgeable in our industry but he has a heart of gold and truly wants to see people succeed.”

– Susan Strauss, Owner, Simply Personal

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