A random act of kindness or stupidity?

I was at a BJ’s wholesale club waiting in line and behind me was a young, pregnant woman with all perishable items on the conveyer belt. I saw her reach into her purse to get her membership card and by her body language realized she had forgotten her wallet. I waited around to see what happened. She tried to get assistance and see if they would take a credit card her husband gave her over the phone. Without much empathy the cashier told her that all credit cards had to be swiped.

Though noticeably upset, without causing a scene she walked off the line to leave the store. I hesitated for a moment wondering if this was some sort of con but called her back, told her I would pay for her groceries and she can mail me a check ($135).

I could not walk away from the opportunity to make a difference. She was so grateful and told me she was seconds from bursting into tears. We walked to my car and I gave her my business card to inform her where to send the check. I called her cell phone number to store a contact number for her and got her husband’s business web site, which she showed me on her cell phone. I had to take the risk to make a difference.

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Would you?

The majority of the people I told this to said I will never get back the money and had adjectives to describe me and my act that were not positive. I received the check within 3 days and a card with a sentiment I will cherish as a validation to my trust in people