The New Age of SEO:
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SEO Transparency

We have seen too many clients trust generic SEO companies that may think they are doing a good job but so often they are not. All of those solicitations you may have received about ranking on the first page of Google means nothing if you are ranking for terms that have a low search volume.  And we will educate you on what we are doing and guide you to do things on your own to save money and improve results.


How Wedding Couples and SEO are Changing

Wedding couples before our very eyes are being retrained to no longer search by typing in keywords like “wedding venues” but begin their search journey with a question or query such as “Where are venues near me?” or “what venues are near the beach?” That is because with Google’s more intuitive search functions, GPS tracking, digital assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, it’s more like asking for help and feeling understood. Even in searching, more than 50% of the searches are more than 4 words – people are getting more specific and looking for specific answers. And we all know the quantity of strong reviews carry a lot of weight.

What are the best new Local Wedding SEO strategies?

  1. Forget making organic search your main focus. If you don’t currently have a top search position from being long established in business, it will be hard to achieve. Media companies like WeddingWire and The Knot are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in SEO to rank for every local search term so they intercept wedding traffic looking for services and deliver them to their advertisers. Paid search is so expensive. The best place to rank is Google My Business. It’s free and you have to be local to be listed so it is less competitive and much easier to rank in a high position.
  2. Be ahead of the curve and become associated as a search result with all the voice devices and GPS tools.
  3. In addition to Google My Business, don’t forget about listings on other important platforms like Yelp, Bing and Yahoo and 40-50 other directories that Google indexes separately and uses to help verify your locality. Also all listings should be exactly the same and if the slightest detail is different, it can confuse Google.

Website and SEO Audit

While many of the important advances to SEO are worked on off the site, we offer some important options to improve the SEO of the actual site through structural changes. I was personally trained in this by SEO Expert Steven Scott, founder of the Tampa SEO Academy. Aided by top wedding industry SEO analyst Matt Campbell founder of, Wedding MBA Speaker, SEO writer, we will dissect your website and SEO to reveal concrete ways you can improve your SEO structurally, through content and off-site recommendations. To see what is included, click here.

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