Local & Organic SEO Case Study | Wedding/Event DJ – Bunn DJ Company

by Brian Lawrence and Matt Campbell

The purpose of sharing this case study was to allow other businesses in the wedding industry to have a roadmap on how they can take action steps to improve their own SEO (Search Engine Optimization – helps your page rank higher on Google and other search engines to drive more traffic to your site). In addition, I wanted readers to understand how much work is involved, much of which is behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, many web designers do not know much about SEO, and often what they do know gets left out because, without the right research, a business owner won’t know what they are missing.

The result of not focusing on improving the SEO of your wedding business has important but not obvious consequences. When potential customers are searching for wedding vendors, by keywords that relate to your business, if you do not come up in the search results prominently, you miss out on an opportunity to win a new client.

So here is a case study of one of the nation’s leading DJ companies:

The Beginning Local SEO Challenge

Bunn DJ Company started in Raleigh, NC, and has expanded to five additional offices around the country. We designed the site revolving around the brand, the prominence of the company itself and could not focus on a particular area on the home page. Owner Joe Bunn wanted us to focus on improving the ranking on the whole site benefiting all the regions but start with a hyperfocus on Raleigh.

Though we did separate local landing pages for each area, because of the competitiveness of the area and major sites like Wedding Wire and the Knot being ranked on top, the Raleigh page was not found on Google’s first page of local organic search results with important keywords such as “Raleigh wedding DJs”, “Raleigh corporate DJs”, and “Raleigh DJs near me”. Joe also wanted to rank better on Google’s local map listings.

Site Structure Issues and Their Impact

In reviewing the structure of the site, with the strong support from my SEO strategist, Matt Campbell (also the owner of top wedding industry site https://www.myweddingsongs.com/) found four major issues holding Joe back from achieving his goal:

  1. The home page was showing up for many searches instead of designated location pages, creating additional navigation for the user and a less than desirable experience. Plus, the site was missing important rankings for its location-specific searches.
  2. Key service pages were generic landing pages and not location-specific. This limited the strong impact of the design of the site by having couples starting without clarity on the location nearest them and having to navigate to another page focused on that location.
  3. The blog featured 750 posts dating back to 2015 but no posts in 2021. There were also multiple posts about the same topic, confusing Google as to which page to rank.
  4. The website’s loading speed was bogged down with large images and lots of 3rd party coding.

SEO Actions Taken To Improve Rankings

Based on these issues, we focused on (1) fixing technical issues, (2) improving the six location pages and adding service and city-specific pages (3) cleaning up and creating blog content, and (4) increasing the website’s loading speed. Each action required several, detail-oriented steps.

SEO Local & Organic Search Results – Before & After

By addressing technical issues, optimizing existing and building new local pages, cleaning up the website’s blog content, and improving its speed, Bunn DJ Company is achieving its goal of higher Google’s rankings – including page one results.

Organic Search Results

Not only did the Raleigh location page improve its ranking under important keywords, but the service pages also rose significantly. For example, Bunn DJs originally ranked #63 with the term “raleigh uplighting” – now it ranks #4. And searches for nearby cities have improved significantly. Bunn originally ranked #20 with the keywords “durham wedding DJs” – now it ranks #8 with that organic search. And best of all, the company is ranked #2 in organic search with the keywords “Raleigh NC wedding DJs” for local entertainment companies.

I did not start tracking rankings until the beginning of September 2021 vs. March 2021. However, we do know that Bunn DJ company did not show for most local searches. Of note in the below chart, Bunn DJ Company now ranks for many organic local searches. You can see more of a before and after of keyword listing improvements here.

And with the work the Brian Lawrence team did on the other locations, Bunn DJ Company is seeing those pages rise in the ranks – the Boseman, MT, and San Diego locations are now on the first page of Google with their respective keywords.

The other 5 locations benefited from our website improvements with page one rankings!

Click thumbnail above for full-size image.

city local ranking on google for bunn dj bozeman mt
local search seo bunn dj company san diego

What about the overall website in search results?

Google Search Visibility Trend via Google Search Console:

Click thumbnail above for full-size image.

The number of Keyword Searches on Page One last 12 months via Semrush:

Click thumbnail above for full-size image.

Increase in Amount of Organic Traffic via Semrush:

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Local Map Visibility Results

Bunn DJ Company has also significantly improved its ranking within the Google Local Pack (Google Map Pack). Appearing in the 3-pack of businesses shown by Google is crucial when a “homegrown” entity is competing with national companies spending significant amounts to corner the market on local keywords. Bunn DJ Company is now at the top of the 3-pack with the keywords “Raleigh NC wedding DJs”.

Bunn DJ Company has also significantly improved the local map visibility. Studies have also shown that there is a comparable amount of clicks for any of the 3 top positions.

Click thumbnail above for full-size image.

More local map 3-pack results!

Click thumbnail above for full-size image.

Blog Optimization Search Results

Having multiple articles about the same topic creates a scenario of duplicate content.  This decreases Google’s trust in the website and thus did not show many pages in search results.  When we first reviewed the website, only 26 pages were in the Google index to be shown in search results. Today, the website has 273 pages indexed.

Click thumbnail above for full-size image.

Now, Bunn DJ Company ranks for many local venue searches due to improvements made to venue-related blog post updates.

Click thumbnail above for full-size image.

Website Speed Optimization Results

The load time is now about 1 second!

Speed Optimization Results

How can we help you?

Take it from Joe Bunn…

“Brian changed the game on that as well. He got us moved up even higher than we were doing. If you’re looking for SEO help, reach out to Brian Lawrence and his team. I promise they will take good care of you.”

Websites are more than just images, words, and a point of contact. What goes on behind the scenes is as vital as the look of the site. My team and I can evaluate your website, find out what’s holding you back with SEO, and come up with a plan that gives Google a clearer path for ranking your site in organic searches as well as the Google Local Pack (Google Map Pack). And these steps will create a better experience for the user, giving a professional first impression for your business.

The Takeaway

What’s the first step to better SEO? Take a few minutes to talk with me. My team and I will prepare an in-depth analysis of your site. Once we know what’s holding you back, we’ll work together to improve your SEO and increase your business.