What’s In A Wedding Business Website and SEO Audit?

Getting an audit of your website and SEO can have an amazingly positive impact on your business by Identifying problems that have free and easy solutions that can improve both your SEO. You will learn the strengths and weaknesses. Also, you will now know if whoever you hired to design your website or handle your SEO did their job.

  1. Is the website secure?  Does the website have an SSL certificate installed and is it installed correctly?  This will show the green lock at all times which is a Google ranking factor and gives trust to website visitors.  Is it properly configured and redirecting from unsecured to secure?
  2. Are you properly tracking the source of phone calls and form submissions?  This will help determine advertising ROI.
  3. Have you installed Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools for your website?  This will give you valuable data as a business owner and will tell Google and Bing all that is on your website.
  4. What are your 10 most popular pages on your website?  Know what pages your customers are visiting most often.  This is the best place to start optimizing!
  5. What are the most popular keywords that you show for in Google searches?  Know the keyword phrases, number of search impressions, and average position.
  6. If you are conducting Facebook ads, have you properly installed the Facebook Pixel on your website for tracking leads?
  7. Are your NAPU (Name, address, phone number, and URL) consistent on the Internet – Yext  Consistency gives Google trust in your business and will rank you higher as it trusts the information is correct?
  8. Does the website have schema installed?  Schema helps verify your local business information. 
  9. Are the website pages able to show in Google search results – are they indexable?  If pages are not indexable, they will not show in Google search.
  10. Does the website have a robots.txt file and is it optimized?  The robots.txt file is the traffic cop of the website. It directs crawlers where to go on your website.  You want to direct it where you want it to go.
  11. Are page titles and page descriptions optimized?  This is what shows up in Google search. You want to make them as appealing as possible so that people will want to click on your website.  Are they of the correct length and contain keywords?
  12. Are the page headings optimized and used correctly?  This will help Google to understand the content on the page and make for a better user experience.
  13. Does the website have links that go to a dead-end (broken links) to internal pages and to external websites?  Fixing broken links helps with the overall health of the website and trust in your website by Google.
  14. Do you have links on your website and links to other websites that are redirecting to another page?  Fixing redirecting links helps with the overall health of the website and trust in your website by Google.
  15. Does the website have a sitemap?  Sitemaps help Google find all of the pages of your website.
  16. What is site speed and does it need to be addressed?  What tips can we offer to improve site speed?
  17. Is the website mobile friendly?  More people access the internet on a mobile device than a desktop computer or tablet combined.
  18. Does your website have duplicate content issues?  Google wants original content and will not show content in search results if it is a duplicate of another page on the Internet.
  19. What are the company’s review ratings on Yelp, Google, Facebook, WeddingWire, and theKnot, etc.?  Ratings and reviews are a ranking factor in local search results. Is there a plan in place to respond to all reviews within 24 hours?
  20. Have the top citations been created?  GBP, Facebook, Yelp, Bing, Apple, etc.  Have they all been fully optimized?
  21. Have all social media platforms been claimed, optimized, and updated?  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
  22. Do pages reflect a USP? Unique Selling Proposition
  23. Does any content need updating and optimized?  Old content will not be favorable to Google. Google wants accurate, authoritative, unique, fresh content.  Is there an ongoing program to create new content and make website updates?
  24. Is E-A-T addressed in About us pages, backlinks, etc?  E-A-T is expertise, authoritativeness, and trust. Three key ranking factors in Google search results.
  25. Create a keyword research report with a list of keywords you can target on your website.
  26. Is the website optimized for conversions?  Don’t make people have to figure out how to contact you.

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