Why You Should Hire a Wedding Industry-Focused Web Designer or SEO Specialist

by Brian Lawrence

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, marketing has become more crucial than ever. However, not all marketing strategies are created equal. While generic marketing tactics may seem like an easy solution, they often fall short in delivering the desired results. This is where industry expertise comes into play.

Knowing the ins and outs of the wedding industry is essential in creating a tailored and effective marketing campaign that resonates with your target audience. Whether you’re a DJ, venue, or any other wedding business owner, understanding the importance of industry expertise in marketing can make all the difference in achieving your goals.

Experience is Everything

I come from a background in catering and for 15 years I owned retail locations that offered various services such as photography, video, entertainment, flowers, limousines, invitations, and favors. After that, I spent 14 years as the VP of a leading wholesale brand that works with thousands of event-focused businesses.

My peers consider me an innovator in the industry, as I introduced new marketing concepts that had never been done before, and can offer extensive experience in the wedding industry from a unique perspective.

Things You Can Expect From Me

You can always expect to be heard and understood. I have been in your shoes after all, and have a unique perspective from your point of view. Because we know the industry, you can expect to be asked questions on a very minimal basis , so after a few meetings we will work straight through to the finish line without interfering with your day to day business.

Also, you can count on me to be an ongoing conduit of information and tools to help my clients grow beyond the scope of work I was hired to do. I only lose sleep over the success of your business – not mine. And you’ll see my true colors in the most positive way, if there is ever a problem (which is rare). That is because I am the ultimate first responder. If there is ever a problem with your website or anything, I am all in to solve it, I respond very quickly, and I am very accessible.

My Philosophy

It is important for us to work with clients who recognize the long-term value of our services and understand that creativity cannot be rushed. If a client approaches us for SEO, we prioritize improving their website first. We do not believe in accepting payment for increasing online visibility if the website itself is outdated and unimpressive. A stronger website not only benefits SEO, but also leads to increased user engagement, which is favored by Google. Furthermore, an improved website generates higher returns on all marketing investments.

A Few Principles

  • Site visitors are drawn towards clarity and repelled by confusion
  • Poor content is a recipe for being ignored and what is written without effort is usually read without pleasure.
  • Two-way conversations are the way you can help couples change their inner narrative. Influence them by reading you rather than reading your script. Inspire them to take action through their emotions rather than being impeded by their mind.
  • As much as possible, your website should mirror what would be the actual experience of meeting or talking to you and focus on making that two-way conversation happen.
  • It’s the combination of senses that convinces the wedding couple; the words need to ring in their ears, they need to feel good about you and trust you.
  • They need to be able to see themselves in your photos and if you’re a caterer or food related, they need to taste the food they read about.
  • Wedding couples visiting your website is like speed dating. It is a snap judgment phenomenon.  People make strong judgments in less than a second and if they are not attracted, they go to the next suitor.

To set up a meeting to discuss your website and SEO, pick a time here. I will research your website and SEO to give you ideas and insights in time for our meeting.